Ball Tower

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Why do I need this produt?

As all the pets, they love to play.

Cats as all the animals, love to play, and have fun. They also love to chase. The balls in this towers, won't stop rolling. Your cats will play and play for long time.

They will be healthier.

At the same time they are playing and haing fun, they are also doing exercice. 
If they do exercice, they will be healthier, and happier.

Your cat will be happier.

When we leave the house, and we let them all alone, they miss us, they rather to be with us than alone. When they are all alone, they sometimes cry, and they get bired.
If we let them this toy while we are out, they will get less bored, because they will be playing and having fun. They wil be happier when you come back.


Less mess in your house.

Frequently when we leave the house, or even when we are in it, our friends, make some mess.
When we have pupies, this is can be worse. 
But if we let them the Ball Tower to play with, instead of chasing your wires they will chise the ball. 



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