Cute Puppy toy

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  • VERY COLOURFUL TOY --- This toys are very colourful. Making ir perfect if you have children.
  • EXTREMELY CUTE SQUEAKY NOISE EMITS WHEN SQUEEZED --- Not only is the squeaking noise cute and entertaining for the whole family, but the sound also creates a natural excitement in your pup because of its inherent hunting instincts.
  • HELPS PREVENT UNNECESSARY CHEWING DAMAGE --- All puppies are curious little animals and want to investigate and chew on everything in sight. Help prevent your puppy from chewing on expensive shoes, furniture and cords by giving him a chewing toy of his very own.
  • SNUGGLY SOFT AND EXTRA STRONG PLUSH MATERIAL --- Ready to play tug of war, fetch or just be chewed on, the soft and durable SunGrow Plush Squeaky Pet Toys are designed to withstand the potential destruction caused by the teeth and paws of your puppy.
  • PET-FRIENDLY DUMBBELL SHAPE AND SIZE --- Just the right size to be carried around in a smaller dog to curl up with or be carried away in her mouth, the dumbbell shaped SunGrow Plush Squeaky Pet Toys are approximately 9” long and 5” wide on each end.


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